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Outdoor Custom Equipment Covers

Whether you work in an industry that relies on sensitive equipment or merely want to keep your personal equipment safe, Creative Covers has a solution for your specific needs. Our protective covers make the best layer of defense against external elements for your medical cart covers, equipment covers, custom cart covers, rack covers, advertising display covers, outdoor sauna covers, storage covers, custom equipment covers, linen cart covers, dust covers, protective covers, machinery covers, display table cloths, and so much more. Don’t continue to let your equipment rust or rot away, contact us now and extend the length of its life.

Covers are made to your exact size and specifications.

At Creative Covers, we make our covers to your exact size and specifications with the best materials offered in the industry.

Image of: patio with island and grill in need of custom cover. Image of: custom cover for cabana top by WeatherMax.
Image of HarborTime color swatch chart for acrylic coated polyester marine fabric. Image of: jacuzzi custom cover.
Image of: red custom equipment cover. Image of: red custom equipment cover.

Simply submit the description
(Length x width x height)
and photographs
and we'll do the rest!

We'll provide a quote with multiple materials
from which to choose and, if necessary,
a diagram for you to complete.


  • Silk - screen of your company logo
  • Embroidery
  • Fastening options:
    velcro, snaps, grommets, ties

If you’re ready to get started with Creative Covers, cContact us for a free quote. There is no minimum order on most of our covers, and we’re always ready to assist you every day!