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Custom Cart Covers

Equipment carts are used in countless fields, from the medical industry to food service. If you’re trying to prevent your cart from rusting or being damaged by external elements, you can rely on Creative Covers to do the job right. Our covers are made of the most resilient materials and can be shaped to fit the exact shape of your cart. We even provide great protection for non-cart furniture, such as gas grill covers.

Covers are made to your exact size and specifications.

Each and every one of our covers is made to your exact size specifications, and are also crafted from the finest materials available.

Image of: large outdoor island in need of custom equipment cover. Image of: L-shaped island in need of custom grill covers.
Image of: black custom cart cover. Image of: patio and patio equipment care products.
Image of: uncovered outdoor fountain in need of custom cover. Image of: custom cart covers.

Simply submit the description
(Length x width x height)
and photographs
and we'll do the rest!

We'll provide a quote with multiple materials
from which to choose and, if necessary,
a diagram for you to complete.

Instructional Video:


  • Silk - screen of your company logo
  • Embroidery
  • Fastening options:
    Velcro, snaps, grommets, ties